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Directories used to be all the rage in the early days of the Internet, but seem to have fallen off over the last few years. I see a couple listed on Flippa every couple weeks that seem to do well as far as sales are concerned, but I don’t hear them discussed much as a viable online business model.

I got an email earlier in the week from someone looking to setup a directory but didn’t know how to code one up on their own. I did some searching through the inventory of my favorite premium theme developers and came across a really high quality design from the renowned theme shop Elegant Themes.

Here’s a glimpse of eList:

eList Directory Theme

I recommended this theme for a couple reasons. As you can obviously see – unlike most directories that still look like they are living in the 90′s – this theme is simply gorgeous. It comes in five different colors so you can suite it to your own preference or tailor it to your niche.

Second, since it was built by Elegant Themes you can be certain that it is a dream to drive through their awesome ePanel theme options panel and shortcode list. and if you can’t figure something out? Drop by the support forums and get top notch assistant from their experts for free (this alone makes the price they charge seem like peanuts).

Lastly, to go back to earlier where I mentioned using a WordPress directory theme to make some income: eList comes complete with ecommerce integration to automatically accept online payments with ease, and if that’s not your style you can setup banner ads to start generating revenue in a snap.

To see eList in action and to check out the rest of the 70+ themes that come with it for under $40, go ahead and visit the site at Elegant Themes.

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