What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short means optimizing your website to search engines. Ranking high in Google, Bing or any other search engine is not so easy for new websites. You have created an amazingly informative article on a particular niche and your article has an eye catching title and description, will this page show up on the first page of the search results? Actually, it won’t if you have not optimized the content properly. In order to make your website more search engine friendly, you just have to make few changes to your website. Let’s get started with your website SEO.



This is the most important aspect of Search Engine Optimization. Keyword rich content improves your search engine ranking. Do a lot of research for appropriate keywords with good search volume. Your keywords can be a single word or a long phrases that your customers are looking for. As of now, Google decided not to show results based on keyword tag but other search engines are still retrieving webpages based on keyword meta tag. It won’t hurt to use keyword tag but it is optional if you are trying to rank high in Google.

Single Word Keyword is a bad choice

long tail keyword phrases

Prefer two word phrase or a long tail keyword to improve your ranking. Why? For example, If you search with the keyword “seo”, there are many web pages that are already ranked high in search engines and your website will not be on the first page regardless of your content quality. But if you have a long tail keyword like “how to do seo for your website” or “seo help for beginners”, there is a high probability that your website will eventually show up on the first page.

Include Keyword in Title Tag and Description

Don’t forget to include your main keyword in the title tag. Title tag is the first thing that user sees in the results and this will increase your website search engine ranking if you include keyword in the title tag and also in the description tag. Many beginners assume that by overusing of keywords in these tags will get their page rank high but it actually decrease website rankings. Be informative in the description. Make a description that is intriguing and informative but keep it less than 150 characters.



If your website has an external link from another website, it’s called a backlink. Search engines vote your website based on the quality of your backlinks. If you have managed to get tons of backlinks and your website ranking hasn’t improved much, this could be because of the quality of the links. Getting links from websites that has Page Rank 2 or less won’t increase your reputation. Try getting backlinks from websites that has Page Rank over 5 as those websites are considered trustworthy by search engines. Just 10 quality links from high PR websites are more valuable than 1000 links from random or low PR websites. This way your internet reputation will be increased and so will your business.


Repeat the same process for every new article before publishing and keep your content as fresh as possible and after all content is what matters. If you are doing everything right, your website traffic will significantly improve and that is the sign that your website ranking is climbing up. Keep researching for new keywords and monitor your existing keywords performance. These are just a very basic tips and there is certainly a lot to cover on this topic. No rush one step at a time.

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