What are Backlinks and How do they Work?

Backlinks are one of the most important factors in Search Engine Optimization. If other website has a link that is directed towards your website, it is called a backlink. The more effective backlinks you have the better the chances that your website SERP rankings will improve. Remember, It is not about the number of the backlinks you have, it is about the quality of the links. Having significant amount of backlinks from high authority websites will build your website’s reputation and the traffic will be increased.


Quality Backlinks are the key

Links from website with Page Rank higher than 6 can be considered as good quality backlinks. Your backlinks perform well in the search engines if the link is coming from websites that has relevant content to yours. If you have a website about ‘internet marketing‘, you would need to get links from websites that are related to ‘internet marketing‘. Backlinking plays main role in ranking process. Search Engines often tend to prefer to rank sites over others that has more quality backlinks. If two sites are similar in every aspect, your backlink profile will be considered in ranking your website.


Start Link Building

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In order to get indexed in major search engines (especially for new websites), you need to start building backlinks. Not only your website traffic will increase but also your Page Rank which is influenced by number of backlinks as well as their quality. As a new website, it is never easy to get links from other websites unless of course your website has strong user base and very active in social media and most of all you have huge quality content.

There are few ways to buy backlinks but it won’t help your website rankings. One of the usual method is to guest post on websites that has good reputation and has content that is related to your niche. Some websites accept guest posts and you can submit through their forms while other websites require manual request. So, after you have found a website and want to guest post, you can contact them and explain why your article is beneficial for their users and be creative with your request. They might accept and you get a live backlink from an authority site.

Another simple way is to start blogging. Yes that’s right! Create a blog with your website name and share your posts, participate in forums and reply to your comments. Your website may not have been indexed yet but your blog page will be indexed faster in search engines.

Social media bookmark sites are the best. If you have an amazing article and you have submitted it to every bookmarking site, there is higher chance that your article will be shared to many users. This will not only drive traffic to your website but also get few backlinks for sure.


Caution with Bad Neighborhood

What’s a Bad Neighborhood? Bad neighbors are those websites who use unethical methods to get high rankings or are banned by the search engines for spamming. You should not link to a website if it uses unethical methods for achieving a high ranking in a search engine, spamming may work for them now but bet me it will not for longer periods. As soon, as search engines know that they are spamming they will banned and also the sites linking to that site may be penalized by lowering their rankings or even can be banned. If you exchange links with a site which has a PR 7 but it uses unethical methods so… what’s going to happen, it may work for you now and you may also receive a PR of 6 but as soon as google catches that website. You may see your PR 0 in the next update.

Generally, websites get blacklisted because they try to boost their ranking by using illegal techniques such as keyword stuffing, duplicate content (or lack of any original content), hidden text and links, doorway pages, deceptive titles, automatic-generated pages and etc.

Here is a tool that I use to check for bad links Check it out!

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