Use Text Links for Better SEO Results

Working on your search engine optimization positions will include a great solid chunk of time. Thus, do not believe there is a simple option because there is no such thing. Here’s some search term enhancement techniques for one to take into account:

1. Link Exchanges

You must be smart and just exchange links with other domain names which are related to the theme of your site’s. Do that and your domain name will be seen moving up the ranks in the SERPS. Just make sure there are not spammy or a bad neighborhood.

2. Billboards

That is really something new that is kind of and is working until Google prohibits the firms offering this service. I’d say while it works my buddy use it!

This can be an incredibly powerful tool for the reason that it gives useful backlink content on various IP’s to you. Make an effort to compose great post/news stories and plug merchandise or your firm. Do not consider me? Decide on a vague term without contest, and put up 2 – 5 billboards utilizing the word as anchor text through- and you’ll see position moves.

Websites using Billboards are seeing considerable rank increases.

Billboards’ use is now an excellent way to obtain your internet site placement that is useful in a briefer amount of time and also you are able to do so for fees that are acceptable. Be sure that most of the big search engines like google spider the IP frequently. After 30 days, you go onto another IP and can remove your page. Keep doing this and you’ll develop a repository of text abundant backlinks to your personal domain name. Really yummy internet search engine food!

3. Text Link Advertisements

Text link advertisements have become affordable for those not planning to dedicate in getting relevant backlinks, it requires. Okay, here is what I believe might be the best strategy on the subject of purchasing text links. Most likely that PR8 web site is not going to get you any higher positioning than the PR4 PR6 will. That is my view, others are going to differ.

These kinds of one way links will actually help your positioning. If you go for this, can get one way links from some other sources at no cost and be sure others have better PR than you do!

4. Content Development

Advertising pages -500 words of useful content and links that are related.

And, this can be actually significant … make certain all of your webpages have distinct and informative content. Google is indeed smart it really understands in the event that you have got the identical page to the domain name … and it understands in case you have got the identical domain name reflected on different domain names. You must do the job!

5. Menu Construction

Be sure that the search engines can spider every page in your web site.

Be sure to use key words in your menu links and be sure the search engines can quickly follow your links to the second in the top level.

6. Website search engine optimization

Use the H1, H2 tags and keywords that are related through out the website. I talk from experience. Read our article on the on-page optimization for more information on this topic.

7. Schedule Routine Upgrades

You need to add new content to your own site to maintain the search engines well feed and joyful as I mentioned. The best way is to add the content more frequently. I’d suggest to publish at least one article a day.


It does take a while to make each one of these things occur and with each step you must relax and see what result you will get. It is just like a chess game … actually think about the next move and you’ll be able to get to the very best.

It is free! And, in case your site is interesting, you’d be amazed just how a lot of people will link to you personally as an outcome.

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