Importance of Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Understand the Importance of Social Media

Social Media Optimization or SMO in short makes it more easy for you to increase your website reputation. Before you build your social media presence it is important to understand exactly how you can use social media marketing to achieve your goals. Social media is like a non-stop marketing workhorse hub that allows businesses to showcase their products or services to millions if not billions of people with spending little to none on advertising.

Even if you are brand new to the social media landscape, there are numerous tips and tricks that you can use to bring leads and conversions your way. The key to successful social media marketing is ensuring your social media postings are full of engaging, shareable content.

Not only will your website traffic get increased but also your rankings. Google takes social media reputation into account when ranking websites.


Suss out Your Competitors

The next step is to understand what your competitors are doing and where the most important industry conversions are happening. You need to make a list of your key competitors, which platforms they are active on and how successful they are at engaging with their audience. This gives you enough information about your competitors and also you will be able to optimize your content distribution accordingly.

Some key questions to ask:

Who are they targeting?

How often are they posting on LinkedIn, tweeting or responding to tweets, sharing on Facebook and adding blog posts?

How much of their content is unique?

What type of content is being shared? and

What are their major social media strengths and weaknesses?

Use Social Searcher to analyze your competitors posts on different social media platforms.


Plan for Success

When it comes to setting goals, the key is to make sure they are realistic. For example, aiming to quadruple 500 Twitter followers to 2,000 in eight weeks or increase interactions from four mentions a month to 100 is somewhat unrealistic.

However, if you aim to simply double your Twitter follower across one quarter (12 weeks) or aim for around 5 interactions a week, you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Your plan should focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. There are three key measurable items that you should focus on standard.

  1. Expanded reach to new audience. In other words, increasing followers.
  2. Social sharing and redistribution.
  3. Lead generation.

Another critical element of successful social media marketing is to ensure your keywords are at the core of all your campaigns. The integration of social media marketing and search engine optimization practices should support each other across all your content and conversations.


Setup Platforms for Discussions

Now it’s time to understand which social media platforms you want to take part in. To start off with, I suggest focusing on two or three of the following social media channels.

LinkedIn – the most prolific platform for B2B marketers in terms of producing inbound leads. HubSpot’s findings prove LinkedIn to be 277% more effective than Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter – great for short, quick and snappy conversations and promoting hyper-timely content. Consider pulling out engaging stats or actionable language to get your prospects interested.

Facebook – works best with strong visuals that include accompanying contextual copy. Branded pages are a great way to promote products but a personal approach is needed as many use Facebook for pleasure rather than business.

Google+ – a late bloomer compared to other platforms. However, websites using the +1 button generate 3.5 times the Google+ visits than sites without the button.

YouTube – make use of the biggest video search engine in the world by creating a short, slick company video that is 60-90 seconds long. It can tell your unique story and adverise what you are about. Other video ideas include an event or trade show round up or a monthly company update.

Pinterest – create pins for your content and share them on other social media networks for more exposure. Be sure to pin other’s content as well.

StumbleUpon – write intriguing content and share it on stumble upon. You might get tons of traffic to your website for free but it depends on your website topic. If your content is related to entertainment or any other viral categories, you might get few leads.

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