How to Improve your Page Rank?

Page Rank

A Page Rank or PR in short is a “vote” for websites and it defines the importance of your web pages. Search engines trust websites that has higher page rank. If you have a backlink from another website that has good PR, your website will get an up vote. Search engines retrieve web pages based on many algorithms and Page rank is one of their significant methods.

To make it simple, More quality back links = Higher page rank = Higher search engine rankings for your site. So, in order to improve your page rank, you need to get more quality backlinks and for that you need to have quality content and good search engine optimization for your website.

Don’t know what backlinks are? Read this post.


Content does matter

You have probably heard it many times and it is indeed true. Even if you have optimized your website, it won’t help if your content is not good enough. By publishing unique and quality content, your traffic will be increased and so are the backlinks and ultimately your search rankings will significantly improve. Keep one thing in mind, don’t ever copy and publish content from another website. Search engines are getting smarter and smarter and we can’t fool them.

Copying text from another website will not only decrease your traffic but also gives a negative vote for your website. Google takes plagiarism very seriously and so you should.

Keep it fresh

Trend always changes. You may have published an excellent and informative article on something but if you can’t keep up with the trend, you lose more traffic. Update your existing articles more often. First and foremost, write articles targeting your visitors rather than search engines.

An unique, relevant and useful content will always help your website in the long run. For new websites, even though you have published very informative articles, it takes time to get indexed in the search engines. Give it some time and be patient. Meanwhile, you can focus on marketing your website and getting more traffic.

There are many website to check plagiarism for free. Use this tool to check your content uniqueness.


Title and Description will drive traffic

Page Title

<title>Make it as appealing as you can</title>

Title is what a visitor sees first. Ask yourself which title makes you visit the website and make it as simple as you can. Be sure to use your main keyword in the title tag but don’t stuff them. Google limits title length to a maximum of 512 pixels in width. So with that in mind, make the title less than 60 characters and keep the main keyword visible.

Get creative with title tag to build curiosity. For example, title like “6 Simple Steps to Setup WordPress” attract more visitors than “Learn how to setup WordPress”. You got the point right?

Page Description

Another most important tag to focus on is the description tag. Although Google stopped ranking websites based on description & keyword tags, it is still important to improve click-through rate (CTR). Let’s say a visitor is searching for “how to make pizza”. There will be many results with eye catching title tags but many visitors click websites that has appealing description. Your description tag should contain information that visitors are searching for. Think of it as advertising your webpage and your goal is to get visitors click your site but stuffing keywords or irrelevant description is bad for your site.

<meta name="description" content="Your page description goes here. Be informative with your description." />

Google recommends description length of 150 – 160 characters but try and keep it less than 155 characters as Google add date snippet at the beginning and your description will be truncated. It is totally okay to have short description as long as it’s appealing.


Optimize your Backlinks

Keep track of your backlinks from time to time. A link from penalized domain will decrease your page rank dramatically. There are many tools to search your backlinks. I use Majestic SEO to search backlinks. Find what links are affecting your rankings and remove links which seems spamming or unnatural so that you can protect yourself from getting penalized by Google.

Keyword targeted links and links that has your main keyword as anchor text will increase your page rank. One quality link from high PR website is way better than 10 links from low quality or random websites.

I’ve read a quote somewhere, you can’t hit home run if you keep your eyes off the ball. Always monitor your inbound and outbound links and improve your page rank.

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