How to Build Backlinks With Article Submissions?

Building quality backlinks to your website will result in increased traffic and your website’s search engine rankings. Article submission is one of many ways to get quality backlinks and also one of the easiest ways to improve website rankings for startup websites. Writing articles for other websites is way better than exchanging links with link directories. One-way link is always good and is very powerful if it is from an authority site. If you have just started building links to your site, this method makes it a lot more easier.

Directory listing of your website is a well-known way to build backlinks but it’s time consuming and not all directories are helpful to increase your link popularity. Sometimes it takes months before search bots crawl your site from directories. You may not be able to see the results quickly as compared to article submissions.

Websites need content and there are many websites that allow user contributions. Writing unique, informative articles for other websites will get more traffic and a link to your site. If the admin of that site believes that your contribution helps their visitors in some way, they would allow you to write for them in regular basis and in return you will get a quality backlink to your site.

Article marketing is a proven way to increase page rank. Find websites that spends thousands of dollars in marketing and if they accept your request, you will get quality traffic to your website without spending your own money. If your article is worthy enough to place it on their homepage, it is more likely that your search engine rankings will be rapidly increased.

Submitting your articles to sites that are related to your website topic can increase your link popularity. You can also submit your articles to Ezine or eHow. It’s not easy to get approved by these authority sites. So, your article has to be very intriguing and unique.

If you don’t have enough time to write articles by yourself, you can always hire someone to write them for you. Fiverr is a great site for hiring writers. You can hire them to write quality and SEO optimized content for your own site or for submissions to other sites and it only cost you about $5 per article.

Try to make your article interesting, factual and useful to others. Do not just write a 300 word advert for your company or service as it will most likely get declined. Make sure the title accurately describes the content of the article and contains keywords associated with your subject. Layout the article in short paragraphs, as it looks terrible and web users will rarely read large sections of text.

Some websites provide a resource box at the end of the article. Place your name, a little information about you or your business and your website URL. Be sure to add your social handlers for visitors to easily find you. If you are an affiliate, do not link directly to affiliate sites as they usually get declined, instead link to your own site and include your affiliate links there.

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