Headway 3.0.5 Responsive Update


The folks over at Headway Themes have released their Headway 3.0.5 update today. It comes complete with plenty of fixed bugs from 3.0 along with a slew of additional features. The entire change log can be found at their site here.

There are enough improvements for practically anyone with sites running Headway to upgrade, and for those previously on the fence about investing in the premium theme to take a second look. To upgrade, just log into your site’s dashboard and select the upgrade link, or you can grab a full zip copy in the members’ area of headwaythemes.com and upload it via FTP.

Headway is Now Responsive Grid Enabled

headway responsive update

The main update to Headway is their inclusion of the responsive grid design ability that has been rapidly growing in popularity among premium themes. Headway now allows you to choose whether to make your site mobile-friendly, and you can have it done in just 2 steps. Whereas most responsive themes force you it on you (or require knowing your way around the code well enough to remove it yourself) Headway provides two interesting ideas.

The first is for site owners to decide for themselves whether to add responsiveness, use a mobile theme plugin, or simply show the site the same way to every visitor.

The other nice feature is it allows your visitor to decide whether to view the site as it normally looks by selecting the option at the bottom of the theme, or just leave it re-sized for their device.

For more information on this update to the Headway Theme, visit the site headwaythemes.com

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