Convertible Landing Page Theme by Elegant Themes

The premium theme shop Elegant Themes has the best theme for your landing page – the Convertible Landing Page theme. Their goal with Convertible was to create a landing page system that “is both functional and beautiful.”

We’re the first to agree that all the landing page apps we have seen focus almost exclusively on organizing words on a page and slapping up Buy Now buttons. One look at Convertible and you’ll notice something different – it actually looks good.

The theme operates by making use of drag-and-drop modules, which appear similar to how widgets operate on typical WordPress themes. Drag these versatile modules onto the page then configure them with your mouse. You can create customized looks without getting into the code.

Why does this matter? Well if you follow the advice of landing page experts, you’ll know how much testing should go into your page. By making tweaks to colors, columns, tables, images, and even big advanced layout changes as simple as dragging a module around, you can find your optimally converting page with little hassle.

Convertible Landing Page

Convertible is an affiliate marketing dream theme. It has all the critical components of a landing page, and the styling and polish to everything from the ribbons to the text boxes really make this theme a contender for your toolbox. Here’s some of my favorite features:

  • ribbon headers
  • testimonial boxes
  • video embedding
  • tabbed and toggled content
  • excellent box styles

Elegant Themes has included Convertible as part of their $39 membership package, so if you’re at all in the market for a landing page system, this is a great value when you consider the free bonus of over 65 other themes. For more information you should checkout their site at Elegant Themes.

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