7 Fascinating WordPress Facts

WordPress is among the most used Content Management Systems on the planet. Yet, a lot of people still never have learned about it. Despite the fact that WordPress will not possess a steep learning curve and isn’t complicated, new WordPress users occasionally find it overwhelming. Let’s get started with a few WordPress facts.

7 Fascinating WordPress Facts

1. WordPress was released in 2003

The initial version of WordPress was released by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little as a fork of b2/cafelog open source software on May 27, 2003.

2. WordPress is used by more than 23% among the top 10 Million websites

As of January 2015, W3Techs among the Internet Technology Surveys leaders which gives info concerning using numerous kinds of technologies on the internet said in this report the famed WordPress is powering nearly one quarter of the best 10 million sites on the planet. In the numbers, it’s approximately 74.6 Million sites.

3. WordPress was until lately used simply as a blogging platform rather than a full fledged Content Management System

There have been many efforts to take it to another degree. But things began to work considerably simpler when “Thelonious”, version WordPress 3.0 was released. They named it after famous Jazz pianist.

4. Santa Maria designed the Famous WordPress W emblem

wordpress logo

The well-known W symbol was designed by Jason Santa Maria as soon as 2005. Jason is speaker and a well-known designer from The Big Apple, having a focus on Typography. He can be found on twitter @jasonsantamaria.

5. Automattic does not own the trademark for WordPress

Automattic, the developer of WordPress, handed the WordPress trademark to the WordPress Foundation, an organization supporting WordPress.org.

6. WordPress.com Employs are Just 229 Individuals

As much as it is hard to believe, it is true. The website that receives the unique visits of Amazon to 130%, employs just 229 individuals. Amazon.com has over 88,400 employees to run the company. That is 38,603% more than WordPress.com.

7. 6 new WordPress.com posts are published every second

6 really? Yes. It’s about 20,000 per day and a total of 7.49 million per annum. Here’s the real-time activity feed that shows you live stats of new posts getting published from WordPress.com.

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